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This is a blog about life and all the randomness that comes with it. Stories about 'this and that' to get you through your day

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What the fuck!

Okay, let me go get him. She walks to a whole different area out of my view and comes back five minutes later. “Do you have his number?”

Blurred Vision

So fuck it. I can't find the prescription and I figure I'm just going to have to make an appointment to get these things checked.

FIRE Starter

So, I heard it's not Thanksgiving without a fire. I almost burned the house down. Dinner was cooking and the mac and cheese was done. We...

The Stroke

The stroke that changed our lives forever. January 9th, 2019, I was headed to drop my son off at the bus stop when I received a phone...

So Close, Yet So Far

Today is the first day of school. My son is a junior. Crazy to think we are almost at the end of this journey. In a month he will be 16....

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