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So Close, Yet So Far

Today is the first day of school. My son is a junior. Crazy to think we are almost at the end of this journey. In a month he will be 16. On the other hand, homegirl is just getting started. It dawned on me around 1:30 this morning that my daughter won't graduate until 2039. WHAT THE HELL! Almost 40 years after I graduated!

When you sit down and think about the numbers... pure madness!

I am not an overly emotional person but I know that I am going to be a complete wreck next year. My baby is not a baby anymore.

Now let's rewind to this past weekend. We need to school shop. My son was out of town for a week, which further delayed school shopping because I wanted to hold off as long as possible just in case the district gave virtual school as an option. They did not. So Friday we started shopping, let me just say... I HATE SHOPPING! Not only do we have to shop for the boy we also needed to run to the liquor store. My mother just has to have a party for her birthday. And well look.

Shot bottles, two bottles of Ciroc, and $150 later. Now that she is happy one spoiled brat down. One more spoiled brat to go.

We get to the mall and the second purchase came from this random store he chose a hat and a pair of jeans. His thought process is I have a bunch of shirts and I want to maximize the number of shoes and pants I can get.

The first and only red flag was there was no price tag on the jeans. But all the others on the table were $75. I'm like not bad they are the same price as a pair of Levi's. NAH, I'm big wrong! The man rings the two items up the total is $158.99. What the hell. I thought I was hearing things. "Give me the receipt." Damn jeans were $120. I haven't bought school clothes in a year and a half along with his 16th birthday coming... I was like keep the jeans and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We make a few more purchases and head home.

"Try the stuff on so we can make sure it fits." The first item he chose was the $120 jeans. Guess what they don't fit! WHAT THE HELL! They are 2 tight for my liking. They going back. Put them back in the bag. Now if I take these jeans back this week and they say store credit imma be pissed.

The next day we finish up the shopping. You would think I would have learned from the previous day. I told him you have $250 left for shoes. Since he couldn't find anything and I was threatening to leave out. He said, "Let's go back to footlocker and I can get those Jordan's for $160." We head back to the other end of the mall. Mind you I stubbed my toe a couple of weeks ago and I keep stubbing the same toe so it refuses to heal. My toe is throbbing. He gets the shoe and tries it on we get to the register... $205. Boy! Your $160 was $190. We are done. Mind you he still aunt picked out shirts because he has to maximize. He trying to count my pocket but I don't know why he thinks one thing cancels another. I had to force him to get shirts.

Now my 6'1, 215 pound, size 36/34 jean-wearing man-boy is on the first day of his junior year and it is Bittersweet. On the other hand, homegirl isn't even gotten started.

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