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Blurred Vision

For the last few weeks, I have been wondering WHAT THE HELL was wrong with my sight. I just changed my contacts but my sight is not what it is supposed to be. I'm on the verge of going to get my vision checked because the sight in my left eye is blurry. Like I can see but things are hazy and I'm thinking. I just put contacts in so my script must be off. I stare at two monitors all day for work and I just knew that was the issue.

So here it is Monday morning and I am ready to make an appointment. I go on the hunt for my script so I can make sure I put the correct contact in my eye because my left and right are different.

So fuck it. I can't find the prescription and I figure I'm just going to have to make an appointment to get these things checked. I go into the bathroom to take the contacts out and put on my glasses.

Wash my hands, hold my left eye open and I couldn't do anything but laugh. There is NO FUCKING CONTACT in my eye. Like none. I covered my left eye, I can see. I covered my right eye, blllluuuuurrrryyyy. I must have rubbed the damn thing out in my sleep.

Here I am in a panic thinking something is seriously wrong for my vision to deteriorate so fast and my damn contact has been out this whole time.

Needless to say, I put in a fresh set of contacts and I CAN SEE!

The first thing I see is a small "lump" under my shirt. I go into my bra and what do I find....a diamond stud earring! Now where is the damn earring post....

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