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What the fuck!

It has been that kind of day! So I telework and have to report to the office once per week. TODAY was a report to the office day. I get to work on time and get to my desk and there is no docking station at my desk. Someone has not only removed the docking station but the Ethernet cord as well.

So, it is an in-office day so half the team decided to call out so there are A LOT of free desks. I go to three desks and there is either no docking station or no ethernet cord. I can work without the docking station but I absolutely need to connect to the internet. The desk that has the cord won’t fucking allow me to connect. Here it is 6 a.m. and I have driven 35 mins to work and can’t connect to the internet. Along with the fact that I have a 7:30 pm flight from Atlanta to New York and I have other things I can be doing. But I am “Acting” Manager today and I was having issues with my docking station at home and had an appointment to switch it at 8:30 am. So, I had to come in.

I then decided to see if anyone needed assistance with any of the cases they were working and that turned into me having a candid conversation with a few employees. I was trying to get to the bottom of why the team is so disgruntled and hostile towards management.

Anyway, fast forward to my appointment with “Julio Linguini.” I walk to the other building and it begins to sprinkle. By the time I reach the door it is pouring down raining but I made it just in time. Security is watching me “You made it” and I’m like “I know I barely made it. Can you direct me to 304” gives me directions and I make my way down the hall. There it is 304 it is 8:20 am because you know “Early is on time, On time is late!” I knock on the door and nothing. There is signage on the door about the “strict” appointments so I’m standing there giving myself a pep talk about patience.

BUT… 8:30 came and went. A lady walks by “Are you waiting on someone.” WTH! “Yes, Julio”. Okay, let me go get him. She walks to a whole different area out of my view and comes back five minutes later. “Do you have his number?” Blink. Blink.Blink. “No, I have the appointment he scheduled via Skype.” Oh well what did you need? Now my thoughts. Y’all have four signs on this door about making sure we make an appointment and y’all ain’t here.

But I digress.. she swaps my docking station and I head back to the other building irritated. Now, That rain that was pouring is still pouring those 30 mins I was in this building did NOTHING.

I mean do y’all see this shit? PUDDLES, where is the drainage...

Now I am irritated and wet and irritated because I am wet.

I get back to my desk and I was directed to take the Ethernet cord that is connected to the phone and put it into the laptop. NOTHING. The light is flashing and I gets nothing. So at this point, I have been at work for 3 hours and have not accomplished anything that I need to accomplish before this trip. So I decided to leave so I can get home and log in.

So remember when I said it was raining? Well, that 35-minute commute turned into an hour commute. I was able to get home and get the things I wanted to accomplish done.

An hour before it was time for me to sign out. My son came into my room and said the back bracket on his tooth for his braces has come off and it is painful. Like WTF. I don't know what the hell is wrong with today but I told him to call the ortho to see if they could get him in, they said 2-4p.

Cool. The kid got in the shower and got dressed. I clocked out. The orthodontist is 20 minutes west of me. This is the office he normally goes to and I say that to say WE WENT TO THE WRONG FUCKING OFFICE.

When he called they didn't specify that they were at a different office this week. The office that they were at was 45 minutes from the one we were parked in front of. I mean you just can't make this shit up.

So we tried to click the bracket back in. I mean I sanitized and bottled watered my hand and stuck my finger in my kid's mouth trying to help him snap this damn bracket in. Needless to say, it didn't work. Had to drive to the other office.

On our way to the other office, he tells me that he is working on a business idea and needs to be able to work on it while we are out of town and needs to be able to log in to social media. I'm like what are you talking about? He thought I had turned his data off 4-5 months ago when he was "being a teenager." #trynamakemewanttosnaphisdamnneck

So on our long journey across the city, we call and get that situated and the orthodontic office just ends up cutting the bracket off instead of putting it back on. Now we have a 25-minute trek home. We get home at about 4:15 pm, finish all those little last-minute things and go park-n-ride, and head to the airport. I told my mom "The way today is going I bet our flight will be delayed".

Sure enough, our flight was delayed and now I am on the plane with this baby in my lap writing this blog. Now I have a feeling I am going to have an issue with this car service.

We arrived at JFK only 15 minutes later than planned at about 10:15 pm and didn’t have a fucking gate! Since we arrived late they had no place to put us. So we sat on that damn plane for an HOUR! After circling for an hour looking for parking they finally get us a gate at 11:22 pm. We get off and I am waiting for the stroller, no strollers were brought up. The WHOLE plane de-boards and NO STROLLERS. One of the flight attendants calls to check and was told they were out at the gate. Get to the gate and NO STROLLERS. Now it is after 11:30 pm and we are trying to figure out where the hell the strollers are. Around 11:45 they bring the strollers up GUESS WHAT! The car service was not an issue at all. Hell, he might have been the highlight of the day. He was patient and communicated effectively and was tipped appropriately.

We waited at baggage claim for another 30 minutes or so. You know what this was my first time flying into JFK and ugh don't know if I am doing that shit again. Anyway, we ended up bringing in my aunt's birthday at baggage claim with the Birthday song. We finally got our bags and headed to the car.

We arrived at the hotel at 12:51 am per my Google timeline.

The "city view" from my room when I woke up the next morning. If that ain't the most New York Shit I ever did see.

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