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FIRE Starter

So, I heard it's not Thanksgiving without a fire. I almost burned the house down. Dinner was cooking and the mac and cheese was done. We have a five-burner gas stove and while everything else was simmering I decided to put the mac and cheese on the burner that wasn't being used. However, with it being a gas stove the mac and cheese were still cooking so I decided to take it off and put it on a potholder. Fast forward it is just about time to eat and I'm ready to go shower. Everyone is ready to eat, so I said we could pray they could eat and I would go shower. Before we started the prayer I thought, let me warm this mac and cheese up real quick. Slid the pot onto a burner on low. Everyone is gathering to start blessing the food and there is smoke. I'm looking at the stove confused like why is the mac and cheese smoking. DUH! What the hell was I thinking the damn pot holders till under the pot. I just slid it over I didn't pick it up. I feel like I was moving in slow motion as to not panic but on the inside I was like OH SHIT! I moved the pot and sure enough the potholder was smoking and had a small flame. I beat it on the counter and ran it under some water. Could have been so much worse. Lesson learned. I just ordered one of these from Macy's.

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