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If You Step on a Crack....

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Let me start by saying. I can laugh about it now because we are both okay. I was walking down the stairs with Phoenix. I got to about the third stair from the landing and felt the inside lining of my footie on my right foot slip. At that moment I knew w had a problem. All I could see was my baby flying forward through the air as I was flying backward on the stairs with my arms flapping through the air. I immediately hopped up and picked up the baby. She had landed on the carpeted stair on her stomach and rolled down two stairs. A little bit of this fall mix with a little bit of that fall.  I picked her up and turned to find my mother standing there with tears in her eyes and my son running down the stairs. I calmed Phoenix by singing the "ABC Song" she seemed more frightened than anything. A little over two mins and she was calmed. I walked back up the stairs and sat on my bed. Just like that Phoenix was asleep and I called my son to take the warming beads out of her stuffed elephant to heat them and throw away the barely used goodies. I laid her down on the bed and slowly undressed her to check for bruising. No bruising my son came back with the warm beads and I put her in her crib on top of the elephant.  Meanwhile, I had to tell my manager "Stepping away for a sec. I just slipped on the stairs while holding Phoenix." I need a moment to "lick my wounds". Phoenix woke up about 20 mins later a little fussy but immediately back to her normal silly self. Whar the Hell... here I am, knocking on 40s door and I have no fucking business slipping and falling on nobody's stairs. It has been a few hours, I am banged up and probably will be bruised tomorrow. But Phoenix is fine so I can laugh about it. My upper and my left hip is going to meet a heating pad as soon as I clock out. I'm being reminds to get up and walk around to avoid stiffness and knotting. So on my last little walk around I went to my sons room and asked him.. "When you walked Walmart a couple of days ago did you step on any cracks." In typical teenage fashion, he tried to act like it wasn't funny.... But clearly 🤭   Says Lorence... Lol JK

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1 Comment

Katrice Ware
Katrice Ware
Dec 28, 2021

Omg 😂😂 this is me the other day falling in the shower , but of course my 9 & 4 yr old found it to be way more hilarious than a little bit lol !

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