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Learning to be patient

Today my daughter had a 3 o'clock appointment for her 4 month check-up. I arrived at the appointment at 2:55pm and there were two ahead of us. As we sat there 2 more arrived.. Now, it's 3:30 pm and everyone is still sitting in the waiting area.

The nurse comes and starts calling people and giving room numbers. 1, 2, 4, and 5... "Um, hello I was here way before 4 and 5 are you missing some papers?" "What's the last name? Let me check." I don't know if it was the young lady checking us in or the one of the nurses but WHAT THE HELL. Now I'm pissed. Phoenix is now

antsy and is starting to fuss. Chances are she is feeling my energy so I calmed my tapping fingers and bouncing leg and she calmed down.

Twenty-five minutes later the nurse comes and gets us, which is about 20 mins after the papers were reprinted.. I guess my 3 o'clock appointment meant 4 o'clock. Side-eye to the office today. I know I better not have this issue Friday when I take my son to his appointment. I would rather wait in a room impatient then in the waiting area. Act like you are going to see me timely.

Anyway, doctors appointment went well. Phoenix who was born premature is doing great and hitting milestones. Born weighing in at 3 lbs even she is now 11 pounds 1 ounce. Homegirl did have to get a few shots today and was pissed. Ever seen a baby catch an attitude? After she was done crying she rolled her eyes and didn't make a sound for 2 hours.

Leaving the doctor's office I had to fight a little Atlanta traffic as I headed to get an emissions test for my mom's car. Remember I have spent extra time at this doctors office. Now I have gotten to the emissions place later than expected and there are atleast 10 cars ahead of me. The gag is I don't have a clue what time this man stops taking cars but I do know I want to pay $15 and not $25-$30 somewhere else. So, I am waiting patiently with a quiet pissed off baby in the back. About 30 minutes go by and the man starts heading my way and I know it's about to be some shit. This man comes to the driver's window "The car in front of you is the last one for the day" and walks to the cars behind me and repeats it. WHAT THE HELL!! And with that I'm yelling out the window "I would have liked to know that 30 mins ago." It's a moot point because I will be back and I will come earlier... $15 vs $25-$30.

Has your patience been tested lately? Has there ever been a day when you have felt like your time wasn't valued?

P.S. Phoenix is doing fine, cooing and smiling once again.

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