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Have you ever...

Used your baby's diaper?

Let me paint the picture. Friday, August 20, 2021, my mom was in the ER of Grady Memorial Hospital being seen for seizures. Since we weren't allowed to be in the ER while she was being seen we opted to wait in the parking garage. When I say we I mean my sister, my baby, and myself. The ambulance arrived at the hospital around 9:30 am.

My sister arrived with the ambulance and I arrived a few minutes later after getting the baby together. My sister told me the info about the ER and not being able to get in to be with her so I decided to go grab us some food. I got back to the hospital parking garage around 10:15 am. We spoke to the doctors several times and just sat in the garage in case they needed us or got her a room. Ultimately we just wanted to be close to her.

Now we have eaten and I have drunk orange juice and water. I started feeling like I needed to pee. I would stand up and that feeling would leave. My sister on the other hand opted to cop a squat behind the car.

Around 2:30 pm, I needed to get myself together so that I could go pick up my son. I also needed some gas. I got myself back organized and headed to Sam's club. My plan was Sam's Club, home to use the bathroom and be at my son's school around by 3:40 to pick him up.

I arrived at Sam's club at 2:52 pm and there were 3 cars in front of me. I started to do a little wiggle dance. Now, I am too damn old to be holding my pee. If I get out of this line and go into Sam's club it would throw off my timetable and I would have to gather up the baby for a 2 min store run. It is my turn to pump the gas I get out everything is good. I stand up the pee feeling goes away. I feel a sigh of relief. Pump the gas and I am ready to go, it is now 3:05 pm.

I get in the car and head home.

Two blocks in and my bladder is feeling aggressive and is pissed off, literally. I get about 4-5 blocks from Sam's club and I am in complete distress. The light is red and I am certain that it will take at least 2 lights for me to be set free.

It is about 3:07 pm, I am looking for something, anything to make this feeling go away and the dancing is NOT helping. It was like a lightbulb went off. So... WHAT THE HELL, I reach in the backseat and grab a diaper out of Phoenix's bag, pull my pants down, put that diaper on like a pad and all let out a sigh of relief.

All I could do was giggle and shake my head. It was the weirdest, most freeing feeling as I was finally driving through the light. I thought I was going to have to reach in the back for another, it was like the pee was never going to end. Once, I was finished and got to another red light I got a wipe, cleaned up, and headed home.

I got home around 3:30 pm. Text my son that I was running late and got Phoenix and myself together. Picked my son up around 4pm. Let me not skip over the fact that I put on an adult diaper when I got home. LOL. I have some adult diapers left over from after my delivery. Better safe than sorry.

Thank you Huggies!

When I told my son the story he didn't Crack a smile.

I asked him was the story not funny. His response, "I was laughing on the inside." That got a full on laugh out of me and my sister.

What have you resorted to avoid using the restroom on yourself?

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