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The lesson of the day. BULLIES NEED THEY ASS BEAT.

So, I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business. Closing cases and listening to music. My son started to text me which is random for him. He doesn't usually text me in the middle of the day while he is at school.

So, I then moved to my iPad to text, so I could see those delivered and read messages and ensure my messages would go through because I have horrible service in this house. He continues to tell me they are still bothering him and how he has warned them.

My biggest thing was if you just don't see any other way besides fighting. Don't hit first. You hit first then you are the aggressor even though they provoked you. Now my kid is 6'1, 215 pounds so if out here fighting you bet not get yo ass beat.

Now they are in a meeting for the 11th-grade class. The next line includes " soon as this meeting breakout" then crickets.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. WHAT THE HELL! I'm on pins and needles. Radio silence for 30 minutes.

Then all of a sudden I get a call from the school. He did get in trouble but not really. He got suspended for 2 days instead of ten. They looked at his record and it's clean and he is on the honor roll. They put themselves in his shoes and told him they would have done the same thing. Per the Dean of 11th grade "He bloodied one of their noses, got several hits on the second one, and was searching for the third."

Damn right bet not have got his ass whooped. And he took full responsibility for his actions, putting most of what happened on himself vs the others.

I asked him if he felt better afterward. "No, because I had to run for security looking for the last one and nobody knows where he is at."

Next time he better wait until someone hits him. He can't be missing class. But WHAT THE HELL. Sometimes Bullies need they ass beat.

For those that have kids, would your kid text you in advance if they were about to fight?

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