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And so it starts

So, WHAT THE HELL! As I am writing this blog, I am designing the site and I have to stay if I hadn't already paid my money.. I would go straight Gemini and change my damn mind. Where is my damn son when I need him! Oh that's right. The kid is in KC. We are both creative beings but my patience is being tested.

I have to say though it is refreshing to have a place to put all my random thoughts in real time. People are going to hate I don't give a damn! This is going to be fun. But maybe I should pick this up after I get some rest.

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2 commentaires

Phenesh Abron
Phenesh Abron
03 août 2021

He will be back Tuesday at 9pm. Cause guess what the reminder did not go out


🤣🤣🤣 When is your son coming back, cause them poor pets just AIN'T gone make it!!

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