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Alright Sooo.....

I woke up one day and decided to write a blog. Procrastination is my middle name so this s a big step. This blog will be random and full of 'What The Hell' moments. I would like to write a book but I'm a GEMINI and a book just seems like a lot of commitment. I don't have it in me. My family is insane and I'm no better with an almost 16 year old and a 4 month old. Speaking of an almost 16 year old.

We went to Kansas City, MO last weekend for a funeral. My son decided to stay there for an extra week with his grandmother and spend time with his family. But he forgot he had a pet at home. I am not a pet person so I hope my daughter doesn't get any funny ideas. The boy has a leopard gecko and that gecko eats mealworms. He expected me to feed it. NAH BRO, you acting like you don't know your mama. But I went in his room to try it anyway. WHERE ARE THE TONGS!!

The tongs are nowhere to be found, which to me means he doesn't want to thing fed. Not only does it not want to be fed but I am ready to throw the damn food out of here. He is growing mealworms in his room. What the hell is he thinking!! The mealworms are in the last stage of development and have turned into beetles. So relatively this kid is growing bugs in his room. I blame YouTube but also THROW THE WHOLE ROOM AWAY! Now we just got off the road. It's 2 in the morning this will have to wait. I proceeded to call him the next day and he said he wasn't sure where the tongs were and to ask my mom or sister to feed them. Memaw to the rescue because Mama ain't doing it.

My mom looks at me side-eyed like why am I being funny acting. She goes into his room and opens the last tray of the GROW FARM takes out four mealworms and feeds him. I give my nod of approval because she is better than me. I go in behind her and pour water in his water bowl and I walk out proud of myself for my participation.

I just thought about it because today is day 7, I looked at my son's door and asked my mom's did she feed the animal today. I have the most important job... daily reminders.

As far as this blog goes it will be posts like this. Randoms of my day to day or things that I remember. I will also through in some past stories. There is no right or wrong here. Anything goes!

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Phenesh Abron
Phenesh Abron
Aug 03, 2021

Well I can't touch it. He comes back tomorrow. He doesn't want to have to spend his money on food anymore. They get out they can have the house.


😂 omg! You better than me! That farm has to go! Eeewwww

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